mismatch2model (Project ended.)

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Public Info

The 'mismatch2model' consortium investigates an essential process in our cells: the repairing of mistakes in our DNA. The process ensures the maintenance of our genetic code. Funded by the European Commission, the consortium aims to identify all the players in the repair team and to fully understand all the interactions among them. The ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive computer model of the intricate repair mechanism. Such a model will allow researchers to make predictions. What if one of the players in the team is not functioning properly? What will be the effect?

On the following pages you can read more about the mistakes, the repair team, the links to cancer and the researchers' goal to model this complex mechanism. The news section is regularly updated with accessible information about recent scientific results.

Scientific Info

DNA mismatch repair (MMR) plays a crucial role in the maintenance of genomic stability. The mismatch2model consortium adopts and exploits a systems biology approach in which Europe's expertise in DNA mismatch repair is combined with sophisticated multidisciplinary technology and expertise in quantitative modelling in order to describe this DNA repair process at different levels of complexity.

On the following pages, scientists can find information about the participants, the objectives and perspectives of this FP7 European consortium.